Wouldn’t it be great if writing was simply butt in chair, hands on keyboard? Writing within a program of research requires strategy, know-how, the grit to keep going, and skillful teamwork and communication with coauthors.

Truth is, there’s a lot riding on mastering this skillset, like your reputation and livelihood (salary, funding, another year of tuition). I’m pained to see academics get rejected because they didn’t know better or, worse, get scooped because they took too long to publish.

Because writing is that important, I’m obsessed with empowering you with the foundational and advanced tools to get more impactful writing done in less time. You get the full-meal deal with Writing Mentorship: a roadmap for your writing projects, all my time-saving best practices, and coaching to ensure you make measurable progress.



I love working with high performers who like to get after it. Often leaders, these academics love the challenge, the creativity, and the connection their work provides. They don’t need handholding and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Instead, they struggle to step away and create space for other aspects of life (which is actually the secret sauce for further success). Their loved ones can feel neglected. A 2-week European vacay without email sounds unthinkable. Wellness practices equate to a standing desk. They question if they can keep up the pace.

I believe there are seasons for 18-hour workdays and dinners by laptop-light. There are also times for lazy Sundays where you don’t make it to yoga because mimosas were flowing at brunch.

With Performance Coaching, I support academics to continue crushing it at work while unapologetically prioritizing wellbeing, relationships, and loving life.

Due to the high-touch, intensive support involved in this work, I only accept a few clients at a time.
If you are a UCalgary student or faculty, please inquire directly to jill@academicsouffle.com.