You’re curious, a learner. When’s the last time you took a one-off professional development course or retreat that was fantastic, and you couldn’t wait to apply what you learned?

Maybe you started out strong for the first weeks, but got off track and got busy. Didn’t have anyone to talk to about it. I know how hard it can be to maintain a new habit on your own, without support or getting your questions answered.

It’s even harder when you’re embedded in a workplace that promotes competition and grind, where burnout is a badge of honour, and you don’t show up as the real you.

Know what overcomes all of this ? COMMUNITY.


Grab some bubbly and shimmy up to your kitchen counter! Led by professional coaches Jill Norris and Carina Huggins—a powerhouse combo of 30+ years’ experience in academia and high performance—Kitchen Party members get weekly actionable practices and twice-monthly live sessions on holistic topics such as mindset, writing, career, wellness, time management, and communication.

We harness the power of the collective to support you in learning to lead, building self-awareness and resilience, creating a values-aligned lifestyle, and navigating our relationships and environment.

And because this is a Party after all, we’ll be bringing the heat with our party playlists and dance moves for epic personal and professional development.

what you get every month

Online masterclass

Monthly live themed training to accelerate your success

group coaching

Bring your roadblocks and wins to our hour-long coaching session

PDF workbook

Weekly practices and journaling prompts to integrate your learning


guided meditation

Get centred and focused with a new meditation each month


judgement-free tribe

Connect with likeminded and empowering peers in our secret Facebook group

ask your burning questions

We’ll be answering questions during live sessions and in the Facebook group

Weekly emails

You’ll here from us each week for inspiration and additional resources

amazing value

Access archived trainings and exclusive discounts for upcoming courses and events